The Tetragrammaton

I had never heard about the Tetragrammaton before until I saw one of the presentations from Nassim Haramein. I had read the word somewhere but not understood the association or at least, it did not catch my interest at that time. Now, I should tell you that Ive been interested in words and the history of words for a long time. I love etymology. When we look deeply at meanings of words and how the meanings have changed through history, it gives us insight and better understanding of what was actually going on at that time. Sometimes you can uncover an association or hidden meaning that reveals a whole new story. This is one of those words.

Words or numbers?

The Tetragrammaton translates to “4 letters”. Makes sense. YHWH is 4 letters. Now by itself, the relationship of the “Tetra” to scriptural content is odd except for the YHWH thing. The numbers seem out of place. Most of the bible is stories about people and not about math. Well actually not if you’re jewish. In Hebrew there is a numeric association to the Hebrew letters.  The alphabet is also a series of numbers. Additionally there is a tradition that stories from the Quran follow chronological order. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Click here for more info about the chronoligical order of the Quran. If you consider that judaism existed before christianity, and as humans we have such a hard time keeping stories straight over time, you could easily conclude that the Hebrew content is closer to source and therefore the truth than the christian variant. Still a lot of interesting data seeps through almost as if its been hidden for any of us to find if you just ask the questions you’ve had since you were a little kid but were afraid to ask. So why the numeric thing?

Hiding in plain sight. The emperor wears no clothes.

Zechariah Sitchin was the first person to ask one of those questions a kid would ask. He was a Hebrew scholar who noticed when he was young that the first letter was missing from the story of Genesis. He asked his Rabbi but nothing came of it at that time. Later as an adult he decided to put that letter in and re-translate. It changed the meaning of the first lines in Genesis and that changed everything. The line changed from “God created the heavens and the earth” to “There were the Gods, the heavens and the earth”. The existence of “gods” was a huge revelation and the injection of that new translation has the power to unlock many of the mysteries of the old testament that just don’t make sense. More importantly because of the existence of “gods” in this story, there were now connections to the oldest writings of humans, the clay tablets of Mesopotamia and also to the greek gods, the Quetzylcoatl and Mayan gods, the gods of Indian history and many more.

There is something to this. Numbers are truth. There is only one chronological sequence and we all learn it at a very young age usually. We learn to count. All Zechariah did was notice that the “1” was missing and inject it to arrive at a new meaning. Its as if the association with numbers forces the stories to not be changed. Wow that is some powerful shit. Who would have the foresight to create such a complex way to preserve truth. Now if this really were true, that there was hidden information in these scriptures, it would make sense that someone else would be able to do that same thing by analyzing these texts and drawing connections with common logic and truth in numbers.

So the interesting thing that Nassim found was a line in the bible that stated “The meaning of God was the Tetragrammaton”.

I’ve been trying to find where he found that line(if anyone happens to know where please message me or make a comment). Later in his presentation Nassim focuses on an interesting part of the bible that talks about the power of the ark of the covenant and that it creates this spinning cloud above it no matter where you carry it. He goes on to say that the ark may have been a type of energy device, but not just any old energy device. The one connected to the greatest mystery of the planet. He proposes that the ark was just a shipping container for the Tetragrammaton which was a 4 sided pyramid and that somehow this device was stolen by Moses which explains why the pharoah’s army chased after him if it in fact was the power source of the great pyramid. This answers many questions and it truly is remarkable that we as a species have absolutely no clue what the Great Pyramid of Giza was built for. The great pyramid is truly one the best arguments for sophisticated civilization that existed before us purely because we have no clue how it was built and why and how they were able to achieve such accuracy to true north and the cardinal dimensions of the planet.



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