The Fundamental Law of Entrainment

I talk a lot about Entrainment and a lot of people ask me “What is entrainment?”. My goal in this post is to explain the law of entrainment, how it works and how it affects everybody and everything. I also show you a simple technique how you can harness the power yourself and use it for your own purpose and self activation.

Entrainment is a principle that basically means it takes more energy to work against someone or something than it does to work with them.

This is similar to the concept of getting on a train and the energy of the train taking you along. You don’t mess around with a train. We’ve all heard the stories of what happens when you fight the laws of physics of human vs. train.

Another example of how entrainment works is the 3 legged race that kids do. You tie 1 leg to another persons leg and try to run together and the people who relax into it, instead of trying to push are the ones who always win. In the 3 legged race, the harder you push, the more you break the balance of energy between you and your partner. The entrainment here is the flow of working together in perfect syncopation.

Another example of entrainment is a surfer on a wave.

Surfers know that the more powerful the wave, (ie the bigger) the more dangerous it is. Because of this, surfers have to entrain or die. The goal of surfing is to ride the best glorious wave you can find and ride along with it’s flow until you reach an end and then turn around and go back out. When you paddle out, it doesn’t work well to just head straight into the waves, you observe, see where the wave is not crashing and go around it or under it in an emergency. You don’t work against the wave, as a surfer you constantly monitor and check your surroundings, its a state of constant change, even when you’re just sitting there waiting for the waves. You get a natural high while you’re in the flow of the wave, in that perfect pocket where you can feel this force that is greater than you pushing your body and board along and sometimes there is just this feeling of perfection that is hard to describe. It is a moment of entrainment with the wave.

Musicians know about entrainment.

Any musician knows, if you’re bandmate is in a funk and their playing is distracted or they miss a beat, it throws everyone else off. Even subtle, small errors make the whole thing less musical. Ok now imagine that band just hired this badass drummer who has this whole big set of drums at his disposal, all this potential energy and understands that there is a disconnect going on musically and being the badass he is, he knows the secret to fixing this mess. This is where the power of entrainment truly lies. So the drummer picks up his sticks and lays down a solid and infectious beat, Boom-Boom-Crack-BuhBoom-Boom-Crack. And without thinking about it the other guys drop in to their usual comfortable spots. They don’t fight the beat. The beat or rhythm actually is being played purposefully loud and hard and this makes it almost impossible to ignore.

Part of the secret of entrainment is that has a tendency to want to do good. The entrainment of life is mostly a positive flow and thats where the most rewards come back to the practitioner when using entrainment for good. There is some connection here to the “fan” of taoism, but the fan is missing something. The yin-yang or fan is a symbol that represents the universe in perfect balance between positive and negative forces constantly counteracting each other. Whats missing is the hidden force that pushes the fan and keeps it going. Maybe it’s the expansion of the universe some would say the breath of god but the point is that there is something that is guiding the path of the spin of the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, planets and even the atoms and molecules. Like a top that is spinning, the spin is the positive flow, when it stops. That is negative or death in a way.

Entrainment is messing with your head without your consent

Now this is a law of physics and so works on everything. It has far reaching implications in our brains for mind control. Once you get what it is, you see it everywhere in everything.

Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as brainwave synchronization[1] and neural entrainment, refers to the capacity of the brain to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, most commonly auditory, visual, or tactile.
-Wikipedia, on Brainwave entrainment

Here a secret technique to use entrainment for yourself.


Laugh at unusual things and just laugh more and more loudly. Laughing is a healing medicine for the soul that everyone needs and the funny thing is that people are often afraid to laugh because we live in a culture that is constantly forcing us to evaluate our actions and what people think about us. Laughter is infectious and has the capability to stop conversations and force people around you to find out why the heck you are so dang happy! They say sneezes are infectious, I guess that’s entrainment too, but c’mon a laugh is so much more incredibly virally potent than a sneeze. Sometimes you can start laughing and without even knowing why, other people will start laughing. First they wonder why you are laughing, then its just too hard to resist maybe they’re laughing with you or at you, at that point it doesn’t matter.

I do believe in laughter as healing force but really you could find just about any way to use entrainment once you get the gist of it. I think its an amazing tool to understanding the universe and if you have any experiences with entrainment, please share them with us!

Another great way to use entrainment is for focus

We all do it often in our own ways. You might put on relaxing music in the morning to get “centered” or you might go on a walk or climb a mountain or sit in silence. The ritual we create for ourself is part of what we create in life as a container to hold inspiration and potential. Imagine that your focus of life is looking through a telescope. You cant see clearly through the lenses until they fall into perfect focus by changing the distance between lenses. Our lives are clearly personal and dependent on our bodies to be healthy and vital to use our senses, but beyond our bodies, in the external, much like the telescope, we can focus to a greater magnification by aligning our body and mind with other focusing rituals and tools. It’s great fun to challenge yourself to be in a constant state of focus and not to let the mind wander at all.


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