Escaping the cognitive dissonance of today

For thousands of years our civilization was guided by Shamans. Now we demonize the psychedelics that shamans used as if its pseudo-science, yet even our science cannot and doesn’t even try to adequately explain where we came from and how our ancestors were able to build megalithic structures like the Great Pyramid in Egypt or the recently discovered Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Why is it so difficult to admit that our story is more complex than we have the ability to understand? We should be looking at the world through the shamans eyes. We should embrace the many lessons of the unknown and the metaphysical.

I stopped voting over 20 years ago because I was disgusted by the binary options that were clearly focused on greed over humanity and now it seems that our country has actually evolved into something very similar to Nazi Germany. I find it disgusting and inhumane that we cannot acknowledge our own hate and support of constant war profiteering. Do I think my vote really makes a difference? No.
I haven’t had a real job for a few years now which means I have no insurance, no savings and no way out. Ive tried a number of things to stay alive, but the truth is Im holding on by a thin thread and living each day with the unseen hand of oppression forcing me into a submissive state where I have little to no ability to pull myself out of debt and a nearly constant state of suffering.

Im disgusted by hearing the cooked statistics of unemployment of which Im surely not counted into. How is that our country can have 30+ years of wage decline and yet we think our leaders have made our lives better by bailing out big banks, pharmaceutical cartels, gross polluters and our employers who have decided to grab the money and leave everyone else hanging?
Surely our country has gone to shit and never escaped the racism and bigotry that was prevalent during the many years of slavery.

Now as we lie to our people about who is really doing better it has become obvious that other places in the world are doing much better. China is impressive to me in that have transformed their population in staggering numbers to increase the wealth of the poor and bring them up into the middle class. I would move there in a heartbeat.

Theres no escape from the oppression, the cognitive dissonance and the unknown amount of disinformation that is prevalent in our once great country. Truth here is a matter of who makes the most gets to define the truth. That is the only real truth here. There is no equal opportunity except for the rich amongst themselves. There is no care for the other humans of this planet who are surely our extended family. Im not impressed by how much someone makes except for the few who work in the accumulation of love.

What we need is to rise up and be leaders of ourselves, to build a government of self government that rewards kindness and sharing over oppression and greed. I don’t care about who’s running for president as our binary system doesn’t actually change one way or another. Take a step back and look at the evolution of our species and it becomes quite clear we are on a path of self-annihilation. Our capacity for love is diminishing day by day.

Its not surprising to me that our own collective form of cancer is now eating us from the inside out.

I would vote if our leaders were required to take a minimum of 12 ayahuasca sessions before becoming a candidate. I know that’s not going to happen but at least I can try to be a leader of myself and try to overcome the constant bombardment of inhumanity and find the love in the world and cultivate that to the fullest.

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