Universal Mind – What is it?

Going back to the dawn of early civilization, human beings have known that some ideas or concepts seem to come from outside the self. There have been many documented cases of people who have inexplicable knowledge with no possible way they could have attained that knowledge on their own. When it comes to learning something, we have designated that it has to follow the evolutionary formula that we start with no knowledge and that we gain it throughout our lives and eventually die with our brains almost bursting with learned secrets of the universe! I almost wish that were the case!

In many ancient traditions, there is a god who is represented as a man that never dies and is attributed to knowledge or science. In Ancient Egypt there was the god Thoth who was the god of wisdom and portrayed as a man with a head of an ibis(stork like bird) and a cup holding a sphere above his head. Some scholars have speculated that this “person” has become misunderstood by being re-interpreted over time and is actually the concept of Universal Mind. When I first got hold of this idea, it just seemed to make sense to me. Click here to learn more about early research on Thoth, Hermes and the Universal Mind. I know that something is missing with the human concept of ownership. We like to own things. Not just some things, its an addiction. We want to own everything, so much so that we have become blind to shared resources in modern times.

Picasso said “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”.

A really big problem with modern society today is the concept of stealing ideas. There is no allowance for some ideas to come from somewhere else other than from the originator and that the original idea speaker should get any and all proceeds related to that idea for as long as they have paid the government to protect it. This is a broken concept.

The problem lies with the productization of information

Because the primary force of capitalism is to train us all to accept nothing other than accumulating money, we try to assign value to everything including information. Everything is a commodity today including your ideas that you are having now. The system has been designed to extract those ideas that benefit the public and turn your focus to blindly support the concepts and ideals of the elite billionaires and mega corporations even at the expense of your human potential. There are no free ideas anymore.

Some things are free no matter how hard we try to assign the value and force everyone to perceive it as a thing that needs to be purchased. It doesn’t matter how much you try to keep water in 1 area, take for instance toxic waste water or nuclear contaminated water. It doesn’t matter how well you contain it, eventually the water makes it back into the “system”. You might say that the planet has built a system to do this exact thing and with amazing efficiency Its a radical display of power without any energy being consumed. Read more about how water is the most important resource we share as humans.

Some things just need to be free because they already are

In the Universal Mind, there is a greater intelligence, something that can be tapped into and is all around us.

One example of this intelligence in action is easily witnessed with mushrooms and mycelium. Mushrooms have a connection to the Universal Mind and some people like Paul Stamets think that mushrooms can save the world. Check out Paul’s Ted Talk on the 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. Early in his research, he had an electron microscope photography of mushroom mycelium and was thinking that it resembled a similar electron microscope photograph of the brain. He was speculating that the mushroom itself was a neural net. Like an internet for the planet. It could share information due to its nodal network structure of which our brain just happens to be modeled similarly. Later he stumbled across a research EM photograph of Dark Matter and low and behold it appeared that it had the same neural net structure as the mushroom and our brain. He later proposes that universe is a big mushroom. You might think he took too many mushrooms. But he may actually be right.

The important take-away here is that inside dark matter is a neural-net, one that resembles mushrooms and our brains. It would be a plausible direction to think that there is knowledge or at the very minimum data stored in the nodes of that net. It is very possible that this is the Universal Mind. Because dark matter is actually in between everything. It makes sense that the dark matter of today is the “Ethers” or the “Akasha” of history.

The mushrooms are symbiotic to their environments in nature and even synthesize organic compounds that can heal the earth(topsoil) by counteracting the harmful substances. Its as if they have tapped in to the code of life. Paul’s book on mushrooms and his focus are pretty technical for most people but I can tell you that every thing he talks about is very real. The thing is the mushrooms code is similar to the life we think of as coming from people like Jesus or Buddha. They teach of sharing, kindness and it appears that the mushrooms somehow do that exact thing in their ecosystems stimulating health and vitality across the entire system. That is real intelligence.

You can tell Universal Mind concepts because they resonate this same truth. It is a universal truth.

If for instance you think of Thoth, Hermes, Zoroaster or many of the Old Testament scriptures and the knowledge they share, there is a remarkable consistency across teachings. In fact you could say that there are many consistencies about all religious teachings and if you just take the similarities and ignore the rest, you are left with some simple rules that are generally focused on kindness, sharing and lightheartedness.

The system of capitalism wants to crush the Universal Mind

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