Sound and Vibration

At the core of all things is sound or more accurately vibration.

Everything is vibrating at the atomic level and this vibration creates ripples that extend out from their “resonant center” and mix with other vibrations. Our ears are only sensitive to a very small range of these vibrations as soundwaves but our hearts it turns out are much more sensitive and not only do they sense chaotic vibrations, they resonate and “tune in” to harmonic vibrations. The human heart has a resonant field of 60 feet and the beat of your heart is a frequency and therefore a wave and a vibration. Due to the law of entrainment, the heart would rather not be too close to the negative frequencies, preferably at least 60 feet away!

The heart is a living microphone

The reason I bring up the heart, is that more so than our ears which appear to be our obvious connection to sound, the heart’s connection is much more powerful because it is so sensitive and also is the “creator” of our individual frequencies which are constantly changing as the heart rate changes, so thus do our internal frequencies. Its constantly going up and down and around by very small amounts. Our hearts are vibrating at these varying rates and are sensitive which means we have a constant and direct connection to sound and the “beat” of the universe because we share many fundamental constants with other vibrating bodies and this becomes a way for us to feel our way through life. The heart is a big microphone but the amplification goes into your soul or lets just call it the core of your being. No one else can hear it. When your heart is broken as we say, we are unable to communicate or understand the world around us clearly. We see things incorrectly, everything hurts even when that is not what is happening to us. This is because we need this heart connection to survive and most of us go on in life without ever really paying attention to the heart unless its in pain. The big misconception is that the brain and mind are responsible for all our success in life. We have forgotten about the heart as a “sense” even though its very well tied into the history of language in describing our connections and disconnections, ie “he wears his heart on his sleeve” or “she has a heavy heart today”.

Good sounds and bad sounds

Everyone has music that they like and some that they don’t like. We all have the feeling that there are some good sounds and some bad sounds. Funny thing is that its not much more than a feeling. That little pull which makes you feel you want to dance is the good feeling and the “oh what the heck is that” feeling is the bad one. But society doesnt understand this and requires us to repeat this negative association across the only segmentation it really has for music, by genre. So thus you get people saying I absolutely hate country, or disco sucks when they might not have even listened to it. Its a social thing. People love to hate music almost completely for social reasons.

Go for the good feeling

Have you ever heard the statement “following your heart”? What do you think that means? If you dont pay attention to the sound, the vibration, the feeling of your heart, you might not notice. Your heart wants to harmonize. It feels good to be around other harmonizing people. Following your heart means following the good feeling. Its something we all have access to. The more we find harmonic resonance that is in tune with our own hearts, the more powerful we become and also the more we are at peace.

In music there is a foundation for each scale called a “fundamental pitch”. This is the root of the scale meaning its the lowest note and all the notes of the scale are defined by their relationship to that fundamental pitch. You could say that a scale is a family of notes that work together in harmony with that fundamental. So there are some notes that are good notes and some notes that are bad notes generally speaking. While any note at any time could be played, some seem to resonate clarity while the others just dont work and make the music sound awful. The most important relationship of harmony to understand is the octave. An octave is a perfect representation of the fundamental pitch repeated in successive order both up and down from the fundamental. An octave represents an exact duplicate of the fundamental and will work without error in every way the fundamental did. They are different while at the same time being the same.

Pythagoras was the first person to discover the octave by taking a string which was plucked to establish the note, and then cutting it perfectly in half. He discovered that this note was fundamentally similar to the original vibration/note and that this could be done over and over again with the same results. Later we developed a thing called a harpsichord and then a piano which are essentially human sized toys that let us play with the vibrations like a big math toy only low and behold some people through their extreme dedication and sensitivity to what was good and bad notes were able to craft compositions that did more than fill the space with vibrations. Their songs had the power to uplift, to transform and because of this we developed a special type of sound we call music.

Tuning our bodies like an instrument

Instruments with strings need to be tuned. Usually with some frequency. Our bodies are a big instrument that is constantly playing. With all that playing, you might a tuning? You can tune your body by focusing on resonant frequencies that harmonize with your core. Ok dont go out and buy an oscilloscope to do this! Use the big sensor you were born with, your heart. Just feel your way through the day today. Allow yourself some time to listen to your heart and go for the good feeling. Find something that you love and really put some energy into it today. Listen to a song that makes you feel great. Read a book or go on a hike or do the thing that means the most to you. The great thing about listening to your heart is that you connect with other good people too just by paying attention. Our lives are filled with opportunities to step up and choose harmony. The difference is nothing more than a feeling, but its the best feeling!


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