The Resonant Challenge

How resonant are you? We want to know. 

Take the Resonant Challenge and join over 1,000 other people who have already made the commitment to being resonant.

  1. Climb a mountain. - self explanatory
  2. Make something good happen for someone else.
  3. Invent your own dance and post a video here of you doing it.
  4. Grow something. (what you want to grow is up to you). Post a photo here.
  5. Answer this question, "What am I?' Post your answer here. (Be creative.)
  6. Walk somewhere you never walked to. Tell us if something came to you here.
  7. Make something beautiful that lasts and incorporates the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi. Tell us about it!
  8. If you live near an ocean or lake, jump in and send us a photo of you jumping in(Don't hurt yourself to get the photo) Everyone else turn the shower to cold water and jump in for 5 minutes. tough it out and tell us about it here.
  9. The next time you get in your car, focus deeply on the road but take a completely different direction or turn than you usually would. Drive down a road you dont normally go on and notice the difference of that road, Stop and take a picture. Dont get hit by a car. Post your photo here

Resonant Center was established with the intention of sharing information with the power to heal and manifest awareness. We are a community of compassionate warriors with a fierce belief in the collective and universal mind.

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