The Free Water Concept

Actually this is not about free water, but rather the freedom of water.

Water is in constant circulation around the world. Similar to the air that connects us which we breathe every day. The air around the world is constantly circulating and some of the air you are breathing right now, was in Asia just 2 weeks ago. Water is also in constant circulation around the world, flowing in and out and around driven together primarily by gravity. But because of water’s unique ability to change to a gas, it flows into the air, somewhat breaking the tie to gravity and this process of evaporation combined with oceanic currents circulate water around the world with great efficiency.

The world is a big bathtub.

Pretty much everybody has taken a bath at least once in their life. Now when taking a bath, theres a couple of things that everybody notices. Probably the most obvious thing in a tub is that the water gets colder the longer you stay in, so immediately that creates a timeline that you have to get out of the tub by. The other less obvious but subconscious thing is that the tub water itself is a little world that you dont want anyone to mess with. Lets say you’re a kid taking a bath and someone pours some kool-aid in, it messes up the water. It doesnt just stay in 1 spot.  You cant avoid the kool-aid mixing up with the clean water. I was less lucky, my experience would be a young boy named Cecil, a friend of mine who came in once and proceeded to pee in my bathtub. You see, I immediately jumped out because even as a child I knew the connection between hanging out in the water and the last thing I was gonna do was stay in there.

The world and the oceans of the world are like a big bathtub and its not just being peed on, there is every imaginable form of abuse going on from nuclear waste to heavy duty toxic chemicals being put in the water at an alarming rate. Some people get it, that the world is a big bathtub because we all need water and the water is in constant circulation. It doesn’t take any more than a child to understand that you cant keep taking a massive crap in the water and keep using it at the same time forever. That is broken logic. The abuse of our water is much worse than anyone can hardly imagine. It’s way beyond the level of sustainable waste management now. The water of the world cannot just go unmanaged when we as a species are abusing it and our privilege to share this resource on our planet because literally every living creature here depends on the water of this planet. This is our world and this massive bathtub is big enough to support everyone. But it requires care. Just like the bathtub we had at home, the water is something that needs to be cared for when using it.

Our world, our water.

Water is a shared resource across the entire planet. The allowance of profiteering on water has to be stopped. The truth is that water is the most vital resource to humans and simply according to natural association, it should be the primary function of government to care for our water since the water is a primary function not just for us but for everyone.

It should be illegal to profit from water.

If they can charge for water they can charge for air. Don’t be surprised when the next step is charging for clean air in 10 years or so. At the current rate of awareness, it seems in-plausible. This is the exact reason we need to step and demand the right to water. There are plenty of other areas to profit from in the meantime. This is a worldwide issue and requires a strict reversal on the legal allowance of profiting on water.

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